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Reverb frost
Mon Jul 31 2017

Sheri, Zack

Do you guys think that Sheri and Zack deserved to be one of hannah's reasons to suicide? I mean they made mistakes but they weren't so big!

Mon Jul 10 2017

Did Hannah Baker have 2 houses?

Throughout the season and book, Hannah mentions her "first house" when she moved to town. She also stands in front of her "first house" where the elderly couple (the old man involved in the accident that killed Jeff) lives currently. We see Hannah's house where her parents live currently. So did Hannah have 2 houses in the same town even though she just moved to town the summer before Sophomore year and she met Kat who was her neighbor. I'm so confused and this has been bugging the crap out of me! Can someone clear this up?

Sun Jun 25 2017

When she meets the guy from poetry club...

I haven't read the book, so I don't know how it's addressed there but, in the series, what was the concept (if it had any) of showing the last person she meets before dying (the guy from the poetry club) actually caring about her absence? Was it a nod to agree with Mr Porter when he says no one could've stopped her? Maybe a heads-up to whomever is feeling suicidal and watches the episode that sometimes there are people who indeed care about us and we don't realize? What do you guys think?

1931 Mickey Mouse
Tue Jun 13 2017

Do not skip to the thirteenth one before watching all of the ones

I litteraly cringed at the Suicide part near the 35 minute mark and it felt like a ducking creepypasta

Mon May 29 2017

Two Separate Wikis

As you all know, the 13 Reasons Why community has been chosen to be the testing site for the new editor, Lucy. I have contacted the Staff about a few issues concerning the new editor and suggested the idea of having two wikis run in parallel - one with the prototype editor, one without. However, we want to avoid a situation where the prototype is abandoned though, since the team over at Fandom Labs won't get useful feedback and usage data if it's abandoned. I wanted to know who would be willing to edit both wikis. Please do comment your thoughts on this.

Wed May 24 2017

Contribution Prototype help and info

For a variety of information about the prototype editor in use on this wiki, check out If you have feedback on this test, please let us know on, where you can also find out more background about the test. Additionally, you can find regular posts about the latest updates to the tools on Thanks!


Wed May 24 2017

Hanna's guilt

how can she watch her drunk friend be raped and not do anything? that is despicable!

Fri May 19 2017

Should Bryce be actually put in jail for his actions?

*SPOILERS* In my opinion, yes. Rape is not something that the law should slide. By definition, Rape is a crime typically committed by a man, or forcing another person to have a sexual intercourse with them without their consent.Bryce did that to Hannah and Jessica. But my point is, Bryce deserves whatever he gets because he confessed, even though he didn't know Clay was recording. What do you think?